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Forest School Camp - May Bank Holiday

We have just had the most marvellous camp here: 90+ adults and children aged from three to seventy. The idea, started in the 1930s, is to introduce city children to the joys of country living, I think. Most people seemed to come from London.

Food for Free - May 2009

The one-day course on May 17 turned out to be the best so far, judging from the comments. I think this was because instead of a cookery demonstration, Emma took her group out to pick nettles first of all and then they made nettle soup for lunch. Meanwhile, others picked salad leaves, such as wild garlic, chickweed and broom flowers, to eat with the wild rabbit pie.

After lunch John Warner gave his inimitable demonstration on skinning and jointing a rabbit. Next time (11 Oct) we have decided to ask for volunteers and John will talk them through the process.

Food for Free

Monday 18 May 2009

Another extremely well-attended Food for Free course, and possibly the best yet, judging from the comment sheets. Emma Eastham took her group out to learn about, pick and cook nettles for soup at lunchtime, whilst Nick Miller took his group out to hunt for salad leaves, such as wild garlic, jack-in-the-hedge, broom flowers etc.

After lunch of nettle soup,wild rabbit pie and the last of the elderflower cordial, and another walk, followed by tea and home-made carrot cakes, John Warner instructed some of us on how to catch (in theory only), skin and joint a rabbit.

New course - bread-making

We have a new course on bread-making, on Sunday 17 January 2010.
John Lawrence will be running a one-day course to help people to improve their bread-making skills. We will explore three different rising methods, and use several flour types including some non-wheat, non-gluten flours.

You will come away with 4-5 loaves for dinner, breakfast or the freezer.

We will provide all ingredients and baking tins, some notes on bread-making and recipes for the loaves you will have made.

Photography (nature & landscape) course

Fabulous weather and a beautiful time of the year combined to give this new course an excellent start. Jon Sturdy, the tutor, prefers the hands-on approach so participants were set various photographic tasks and lectures were kept to a minimum.


2 May 2009

Disaster! Whilst we were out for a few hours over lunchtime today a fox came and took seven of the twelve chickens, including Ebony, the beautiful pure white Ixworth cockerel, who was such a favourite. All we found were a few feathers in various places around the farmyard.


27 April 2009

Just finished the three-day coracle-making course, led by Olivia Elton Barratt. A coracle is an ancient form of boat usually made from a variety of materials such as woven willow or cleft ash or oak and covered with animal skin or tarred material. The one Olivia helps people to construct here is patterned on that found on the River Boyne in Ireland and consists of willow and tarred calico.