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Barn Owl update

June 2009

Just after midsummer day, two barn owl chicks were found in the strawbale owl tower, built last year. And three kestrel young were found in the other barn owl box on a pole nearby. Next week someone will be coming to ring them, so that we might know where they move to eventually. Let's hope there isn't a long period of wet weather in the near future, which will prevent the parents from finding enough food for them.

Clay Ovens - June 09

A lovely day for making mud pies, and that's really what the clay oven course was about. We trod the home-grown clay (Assington Mill is in a valley with a stream running through)in wellies or with bare feet and mixed it with straw and water. Then, having made the shape of the inside of the oven with logs, then sand, and covered the lot with wet newspaper, we slapped the clay on outside to form a very thick layer, with a hole on one side for a door.