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New courses at Assington Mill - from July 2013


Plans for the future include several new courses: 


Green gym,

Dog psychology,

Pastry-making for beginners,


Papier mache,


Wooden spoon carving.

The BUSHCRAFT course will include knife skills, shelter building, fire-making techniques, gathering and preparing materials, learning to use a fire-steel/flint and steel with a variety of tinders.  Assington Mill is ideal for this course, having so many different habitats.

Scything for beginners, one-day course at Assington Mill, Saturday 13 July


A scythe is an implement consisting of a long, curved single-edged blade with a long bent handle. 

Learn to cut grass and weeds the “green” way, no noise, and no use of petrol or diesel, or heavy machinery.  With the skills you will learn on the course, you will be able to cut anything from a small lawn, paths between allotments and borders, a hay meadow and a bramble patch.

The scything course includes setting up the scythe and its handle, sharpening and maintenance, which includes hammering the blade on an anvil, or peening.