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Bread Making - beginners

27 January 2018
£110 including home-made lunch & materials
9.45 for 10 - 4

Beginner’s Bread-making with our new tutor, Ursula Ferrigno (click on her name above to see more about her).  She will be running an intensive one-day course for beginners and  to help people to improve their bread-making skills. The course will combine demonstration and hands–on baking with an understanding of what is going on in bread-making.

Students will be making three different breads to take home, plus two starter doughs.


  • Introduction to the world of flours, and yeasts and sourdoughs
  • Introduction into the importance of kneading, rising and proving and shaping.
  • Demonstration of a basic bread
  • Demonsration of an enriched bread
  • Demonstration of a spelt bread.
  • Hands on all students.
  • Back to tutors breads, shaping etc.
  • Lunch
  • Students breads to bake and shape.
  • All students to make sourdough starter and biga to take home.
  • Tutor to have made these breads and shown how to use these starter doughs.


Comments from past students:

I really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot.  I didn't realise there were different ways to make bread!  I can't really think of any improvements.

Thank you so very much for a most wonderful day!  I have purchased spelt flour and got some fresh yeast and plan to spend the weekend creating.  It was an exceptionally informal but informative day and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Tracey

Brilliant day!  Great course - has instilled more confidence and creativity in my baking.  Great venue and hosts - lovely generous lunch - thank you.  It has been such an enjoyable day.  Thanks to all.  James

Very encouraging techniques that are quick and manageable..

Enjoyable day, easy to follow recipes and instructions.  It was nice to go home with a variety of bread.

I think Ursula’s free-style of teaching using only basics is exactly what this course is all about in my opinion.  I have taken a wealth of knowledge which I look forward to passing on to my daughter. 

I thought Ursula was fantastic – so enthusiastic and very knowledgeable.  Thank you. 

I think I would have liked a little less content as i felt very rushed in the afternoon.  Ursula is an inspirational course leader.  So positive.  I’m really looking forward to making my own bread now.  I now need the next class to consolidate my new skills.  Anne & Bob – a huge thank you.  Fiona C.

Would be helpful to also bring a wire rack, metal spoon, fork – loved every minute, thank you so much.  Jane

Would highly recommend.  Returning for another course.

A fantastic day which we have all enjoyed!  Ursula was an infectiously enthusiastic tutor whose passion and energy inspired us all in our breadmaking.  Anne & Bob were lovely, communicative and caring.  We couldn’t have asked for a better day!

A truly fantastic day – Ursula was just wonderful and we learnt a tremendous amount in a day.  Her enthusiasm was so infectious.

The warm welcome on the rather dreary Sunday morning was just a hint of the perfect day that lay ahead.  Ursula's enthusiastic tutelage steadily encouraged us all to be successful in our journey into discovering some of the secrets of bread making.  It was also a great and unexpected pleasure to be invited into your lovely home to be treated to such a tasty feast.  A very big thank you to you both.  Carole C.

In the end, I came away in a bit of a rush, even leaving my focaccia behind! I didn’t fill in the questionnaire, but my responses can be summarised as: 7 ticks in the double smiley face boxes, followed by a Y. Sarah found the Mill by googling Assington.
In short, the venue and facilities were excellent, although a second oven might have been useful due to the volume of bread being produced.  The catering was superb, special mention for the apple and ginger soup.  And finally, our leader was amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone so enthusiastic about the simple pleasures and magic of bread-making, and so eager to share the joy of it all. Graham F. [That focaccia was really delicious!]





Materials will be provided by Ursula on the day.

What to Bring

Participants should aim to bring with them the following:

Large board for kneading dough

2 mixing bowls, 12" or 300mm diameter approx.

2 wooden spoons, or similar

Knife for cutting dough

Dough scraper (from John Lewis) - optional

Weighing scales

Measuring jug

Jar with lid to take home sour dough starter

Baking trays, to carry loaves home

Wire rack

Metal spoon & fork


Tea towels

Flat shoes

A sunny disposition!


Ursula Ferrigno tutor on the bread-making course at Assington Mill
The end of a bread-making day at Assington Mill
Ursula Ferrigno showing Tom and Pete how to make grissini
Bread-making workshop at Assington Mill
Creating spelt loaves with help from Ursula Ferrigno
Proud maker of focaccia
More focaccia-makers on the bread workshop
The end of the bread-making course at Assington Mill
Made by Susan on the bread-making course at Assington Mill
Made by Susan on the bread-making course at Assington Mill
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Bread Making - beginners 27 January 2018 9.45 for 10 - 4