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Fire Making

1 July 2018
Daniel Hume
£95 inc. home-made lunch, biscuits & cakes etc.
0900 - 1700

Course description:

Fire can fascinate, inspire, capture the imagination and bring families and communities together.

It has the ability to amaze, energise and touch something deep inside all of us. For thousands of years, at every corner of the globe, humans have been huddling around fires: from the basic and primitive essentials of light, heat, energy and cooking, through to modern living, fire plays a central role in all of our lives.

The ability to accurately and quickly light a fire with what nature provides is one of the most important skills anyone setting off on a wilderness adventure could possess. It is also great fun and can be very useful at home, too!

The tutor is Dan Hume.  Click on his name above to see more about him.

We will cover:

- Uses of fire

- Making fire using solar, electricity, chemicals and air compression

- Natural tinder and preparation for use

- Making fire in even the worst weather

- Making fire by friction using the cord-and-drill method

Course schedule:


What to Bring

Outdoor clothing and boots/wellies

Hat and sunscreen

Work gloves


Dan Hume, tutor on the Fire course at Assington Mill, Suffolk
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Fire Making 1 July 2018 0900 - 1700