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Jude Greenan & Vanessa Neville MNIMH

Jude Greenan and Vanessa Neville are both qualified medical herbalists (BSc Hons Herbal Medicine) with many years of clinical and practical experience.  Their professional training in plant medicine is comprehensive:  from botany to pharmacology; research methods to materia medica.  Clinical practice requires up to date knowledge of allopathic and botanical medicines, drug-plant interactions, and diagnostic techniques.

More importantly, however, as holistic and community herbalists, their approach encompasses the wider green world:  their approach is about harmonising the relationship between human nature and Green Nature.  This means that they work with plant "medicine" in all its guises, incorporating the best of modern training with divers methods of accessing plant knowledge.

Vanessa Neville has a firm grounding in propagation and growing of medicinal herbs.  She is a professional arometherapist and is secretary of the post graduate training board of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists.  This body was founded in 1864 and actively promotes and art and the science of herbal medicine.  Its member are required to carry out Continuing Professional Development, and commit to a career-long learning programme organised by their Post Graduate Training Board.  All members are governed by a strict code of ethics and practice.

Jude Greenan has a certificate in permaculture design and training in biodrynamic gardening.  She bring her in-depth Shamanic knowledge and experience to the plant teachings in a grounded and practical way.

Courses by this Tutor
  • 22 April 2018
    10.00 - 4.00
    £90 including wild or home-made food and all other refreshments.

    This is a one-day course foraging for food available at this time of the year, mainly salads, with explanations of how it can be used and eaten.  In the afternoon Vanessa  will show you how to cook and eat the plants you find.  Looking at the countryside will never be the same...

  • 25 December 2018
    10 - 4.30
    £90 including home-made lunch etc. Materials will be about £10, to be paid on the day

    Cheer up January by giving yourself a day out!  Learn the craft of balm-making and cream-making to produce completely natural skin products.  This practical, empowering one-day workshop is a unique chance to transform your approach to skincare.  Work with professional herablists...

  • 23 September 2018
    10 - 5.00
    £95 inc. materials, home-made lunch, biscuits & cakes

    For thousands of years we have depended on plants to provide the essentials of life - food, shelter, clothing, fuel and medicine.  In many respects little has changed.  For most of the world's population, plant medicine is still mainstream medicine.  Now many in the more developed...