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Ray Davis

Ray Davis is a lifelong countryman, , who enjoys shooting and fishing and all countryside pursuits.  He was always very keen on guns, and had them from an early age, accompanying various gamekeepers as a boy.  He was brought up with a love of the countryside in this part of Suffolk.  He went shooting as a schoolboy and bought first 12 bore aged fifteen, earned with his own money.

After leaving school at fifteen, he worked for a butcher in Sudbury until he was eighteen, thereby learning the necessary butchery skills, which over the years have come in very useful in helping farmers and shooting colleagues butcher their various animals for the table.  His chosen profession gave him the freedom to pursue his outdoor interests.  Asked to control various vermin for farmers and landowners, he shoots rabbits, foxes, and deer, and does a lot of other game shooting.

Ray does various game butchery classes for country shows and other interested bodies.  He loves cooking.

Over the years he has spent time in pursuit of various quarries, and is a great believer that anything shot should be eaten.

Courses by this Tutor
  • 19 November 2017
    10 - 4.30
    £90 including wild or home-made food and all other refreshments.

    Do you shoot and not know how to prepare the kill for the table?  Are you sometimes given a brace of pheasants or rabbits and don't know what to do with them.   Or maybe you like to use road-kill?  If so, this new hands-on course is for you.

    Ray Davis will show you easy...