Calling all beekeepers!

Simon is keen to offer existing beekeepers (we have had over 200 on the courses so far) the chance to take their skills to a higher level.

Clive de Bruyn, a well-known and international expert on the subject, is going to teach here for two days in May 2010 (27th and 28th).  He will focus on queen-rearing, which is the method by which you improve your stock of bees by selecting and breeding up particularly nice queens.  They help to determine the character of the hive with their offspring, although it is impossible to control the character of the drones she might meet on the mating flight!

Simon will be on hand to help Clive over the two days, and the cost is £130.  First come first served!

See Clive de Bruyn's book, "Practical Beekeeping".  He has also collaborated on others.