New bushcraft course at Assington Mill - 27 July

This is the perfect place to learn about bushcraft and we have just found the perfect leader, James Linford!

On July 27 he will be here to introduce people to the main skills and knowledge required for living in the woods including:  knife skills, shelter building, modern and traditional fire making techniques, gathering and preparing materials, learning to use a fire-steel/flint and steel with a variety of tinders, and sourcing materials and their uses.

If you would like to book up, just Google Assington Mill and then click on the appropriate course.  And you can see more about James Linford there too.

Meanwhile, Tim and Sophie's beautiful English Longhorn cattle are enjoying their summer quarters here.  Thanks to the rain, the grass is right up to their knees.  We have the whole family just outside the back door:  the bull, the cows, the teenagers and the calves.  In the evenings, they often suddenly decide to stampede all round the field, a thundering mass of brown, black and white bodies. Some of them will put in appearances at the local shows, where they usually win prizes.   And the little black Hebridean rams, guests from Bures Mill, are going a great job eating all the rushes, brambles and stuff you don't want in the fields.