New courses at Assington Mill - from July 2013


Plans for the future include several new courses: 


Green gym,

Dog psychology,

Pastry-making for beginners,


Papier mache,


Wooden spoon carving.

The BUSHCRAFT course will include knife skills, shelter building, fire-making techniques, gathering and preparing materials, learning to use a fire-steel/flint and steel with a variety of tinders.  Assington Mill is ideal for this course, having so many different habitats.

GREEN GYM is something I have been wanting to put on for ages but haven’t found the right leader, until I met Dan Scarsborough.  The idea is to exercise in the open air, using the beautiful woods and fields around Assington Mill, rather than in a gym.  Dan is a personal trainer, leader of boot camp classes, and a fireman.  Don’t worry, all ages and fitness abilities will be taken into consideration!  And we do have an indoor workshop if necessary.

DOG PSYCHOLOGY is a look into the dog’s mind and motivations.  From a dog’s eye view of the world, to help owners to understand why their dog behaves as s/he does.  The course will focus on effective ways for humans to communicate with their dogs.  It should be an interesting day, and there are five places for owners with dogs, but only good dogs of course.

PASTRY-MAKING has been requested by people coming on the popular bread-making course.  You will be taught how to make four different types of pastry, starting with the very simple.

CALLIGRAPHY – a day to discover the pleasure of writing with the broad-edged pen.  Jan will guide you through calligraphy design, calligraphy history and calligraphy techniques.

PAPIER MACHE (basically paper and glue) has been used for centuries to produce hard-wearing and decorative items, from everyday household objects to boats.  Maggie Harling will show you how to create beautiful bowls etc.

LAMBING – a chance to accompany and maybe help Dek the shepherd as he watches over the lambs being born, mostly at night, in a huge traditional barn.  The scene is like something out of a Thomas Hardy novel.

WOODEN SPOON CARVING – a lovely peaceful day whittling spoons out of green wood that you will have cut down, with the aid of a few specialist tools.


See the website,, for all details and how to book.

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