Alec Shearer

My name is Alec Shearer, I have been a professional falconer most of my working life ..............

It started when I was 10 years old as a child in a small village in Bedfordshire, I was the one that looked after wildlife that had been injured in some way or another, a young Tawny Owl was struck by a car and was brought to me, luckily it soon recovered but that was the moment I fell in love with these majestic creatures of the air.
Since then my career and passion has evolved around these birds over the years. I have worked at many Falconry Centres flying and caring for all types of raptors from Little Owls to Golden Eagles.      

I  have flown and displayed Birds of Prey at most major County & Country Shows over the years in the U.K and Northern Ireland.
I have also supplied birds for T.V and films and been on many radio shows over the years.

I am a registered LANTRA falconry assessor & a member of the  British Falconers Club

We now live in beautiful Suffolk and you may find me flying birds of prey at Africa Alive during the summer months.
I am very lucky to be able to say that I fly Birds of Prey for a living on a daily basis and feel privileged to be in their company.
If I had to pick one group of birds as a favorite it would have to be the Falcons, the sheer speed and maneuverability is breathtaking !!
I  hope you find what you are looking for here?
If you need Feral Bird Control, a day or half day out flying the birds in the lovely Suffolk/Norfolk Countryside or maybe you want to start a journey that will change your life forever and learn how to keep, manage, train and fly a bird of prey in a safe and professional manner.