Alistair Phillips BSc

Alistair Phillips is a self-taught wood turner, living and working in the Chiltern Hills in South Oxfordshire.  He specialises in bowls and plates, with an emphasis on making pieces suitable for table-ware.  He graduated from Rading University in 2004 with a BSc (Hons) in Landscape Management.

Virtually all of his timber is sourced from within the Chiltern Hills area, from local sawmills in Henley and Woodcote, from private woodlands, and from local Nature Reserves managed by the Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust.  Woods used include beech, ash, oak, cherry, sweet chestnut, elm, holly, cedar-of-lebanon, yew, birch, field maple and sycamore.

The coracles are likewise made from timber milled in local sawmills.  Coracle frames are predominantly made from ash, though beech, oak and hazel are agreeable alternatives.  The fram is covered with a skin of calico that receives three coats of bitmen paint to waterproof it.

Aside from woodturning he has worked on a diverse selection of projects, including living willow fencing in school grounds, design and construction of iron age round-houses, yurt building and rustic chair making.  He also makes didgeridoos (Australian wind instrument).

His interests include wildlife photography and nature conservation, unicycling, basket making and green woodwork.