Maureen Carr

My name is Maureen Carr and I have enjoyed knitting for over 73 years.  When Anne asked if I would like to take a knitting class I was at first a little hesitant.  Although I have taught many people to knit I have never done so on a formal basis.  I then considered how much joy I have had from Knitting and how wonderful it would be for others to share in this great craft.

I come from a family of Knitty Noras and grew up to the sound of the click on my mother's and my many aunts' knitting needles.  However, it was not the ladies of my family who gave me my first knitting lesson at seven years of age; it was my father!

Craftwork has always featured in my life and at 17 years of age I was trained in tailoring in London.  The skills I learned then and the experience I gained from knitting at home has meant that I have spent much of my home and work life creating clothes, furnishings and costumes.

I am no retired and am an avid gardener, which keeps me busy during the summer months.  However, as the nights draw in I take up my knitting needles.  From October onwards, order for knitwear roll in from family and friends; from baby blankets and clothes to the most up to date jumpers as requested by my grandchildren.  When Arrans made a revival a few years ago, I knitted over 10 jumpers at the request of the young adults of my family and am looking forward to whatever knitting patterns land on my lap this year.